Solar Business

Let’s Know the Advance Features of ESolarCRM (Solar CRM Software)

Stock Management System

  • Low Stock Notification
  • Product Delivery Report
  • Early Product Order Notification
  • Complete Record of Processed Stock

Lead Management System

  • Lead Entry
  • Lead Bifurcation
  • Lead Tracking
  • Mobile App

Invoice Management System

  • Automated Quote Generation
  • Invoice Generation
  • Auto Email
  • Expense Tracking

Project Management System

  • Task Management
  • Task Timeline
  • Team Choice
  • Project Tracking

Installation & Government Approval

  • Installation Update
  • Installation Tracking
  • All Documents at one Place
  • Easy of Approval
  • Mobile App


  • Maintenance Query Raise
  • Maintenance and O&M Tracking
  • Provide Replacement
  • Insurance Claim Details

Final Outcomes!

Basically, The ESolarCRM provides a right solution which is specially well suited for Solar Businesses. Do you think ESolarCRM help to manage you business & your sales team as well? Get in touch with us today! Drop your email at, or you can call us +91 (851) 142-4282 to discuss your requirement.

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